General Idea of MP

MP is MagniPay’s very own digital currency. MP could be obtained from merchant sales, investment insurance and a daily cashback.

The value of MP increases up to 5% daily and will continue to increase as the global users grows.

Users Generate MP token through Mining

User's mining generates MP tokens every day, and the generated token can be used for withdrawal, consumption, and investment.

The corresponding mining points will be obtained from the receipt uploaded by the user or every consumption on the platform, and the mining points will release MP tokens every day through user mining.

User Level and Rebate:Four User Levels
用戶級別和返利: 四種用戶級別

The system will release MP at a rate of 0.01%-0.1% per day based on the total amount of user's mining points;

The value of MP will increase by 1%-5% daily. The four user categories are as follows:

  • Registered user

    Default registered user

    0.01% daily rebate

  • Primary user

    Refer 1 valid user
    0.03% daily rebate

  • Intermediate user

    Refer 2 valid users
    0.06% daily rebate

  • Advanced user

    Refer 3 valid users
    0.1% daily rebate


• Register to automatically become a registered user.

• Valid users refer to users who have consumed and used services on MagniPay platform.

Reward System

MagniPay is not only a cross-border consumption platform, but also your ideal entrepreneurial platform.

  • Daily Rebate Reward

    MP is released every day based on the user's mining points, which can be used for withdrawal, consumption and investment.

  • Consumption Referral Reward

    When referred friends consume, you can also earn corresponding reward.

  • Investment Referral Reward

    When referred friends invest, you can also earn corresponding reward.

Global Deployment - Consumption Node Mechanism

Global nodes: MagniPay has established distributed nodes all around the world. Each mining machine is equal to one node. The purpose of the establishment of the nodes is to better process data and ensure that every customer order is true, valid, and traceable; each node corresponds to a mining machine; customers can purchase a mining machine to enjoy the benefits of the nodes.

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