Market Background

The development of the world economy is gradually becoming more integrated. As new retail is upgrading, the consumption market is also upgrading. However, there are still overwhelming challenges in the cross-border market. For merchants, the cost of selling goods all over the world is too high and the profits are low, and consumers cannot afford such high prices. As a result, e-commerce platforms are not able to unify the global market, causing the entire consumption market segmented and isolated. Therefore an upgrade is close at hand.

  • Consumer

    Price issue Quality issue
    Trust issue

  • Merchant

    Trust issue IP traffic issue
    Market competition issue  Profit problem

  • Platform

    High cross-border cost IP traffic issue
    Ineffective marketing High development cost
    Highly competitive market Platform's high profit-sharing

We only get goods from consumption in the past, but in MagniPay, we will get a corresponding rebate for every penny we spend. The platform circulating token, MP, can be obtained from both user consumption and merchant sales. The value of MP will continue to rise with the volume of global consumption and sales, which will allow every user to truly save money and earn money at the same time.

Consumption Rebate (User)

MagniPay users can get a daily 0.01%-0.1% consumption mining point rebate for each purchase, and the MP token generated can be used for more consumption or cash out.

  • Permanent return
  • Membership fee refund
  • Rebate
Mining Rebate (Merchant)

Users who purchase mining machine can get 10 times the mining points. The MP will be rebated 0.01%-0.1% every day based on the user level. MP token can be converted into legal currency or USTD whereby its value increases every day.

  • No admission fee
  • Membership fee refund
  • Points return
  • Rebate
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