2021-03-17 18:03:36

        You can start investing today - right now.


How do we survive in this Pandemic? You don’t have to wait till you have sufficient fund for investment, but you will generate more and more cash flow along with the investment you made. Words like 'investing', 'stock markets' or cryptocurrency scare off lot of potentials investors who could make good earning in investment. 


Step 1: Space up your budget


You could start by sorting off your budget. Make a weekly or monthly report of your spending habits then have look of what expenses you could brush off.


Step 2: Allocate your payroll into different accounts


You still will have the majority of your money to go into your regular bank account for regular living expenses, but don’t forget create a new saving account to located some of your money for future investing such as property, stock market, fund, and cyptocurrency.


Step 3: Get start as early as possible


As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worms. Investing when you’re young is one of the best ways to see solid returns by leveraging the time on our money. But there’s one thing for sure, it's never too late to start. Just start now.


Step 4: Pick your platform to Invest


If you’re just about to learn invest and saving, you could try start with MagniPay. The one stop platform for shopping and investing. Easy to use, quick to understand and very reliable. Download MagniPay APP now!


Step 5: Keep learning,practicing, and experimenting


Learning boots the connection with your brain, built a curiousity around everything involving investment and saving. The more you learn, the better you get!


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