MAGNIPAY's Billion Dollar Subsidiary Programme!
2021-01-16 22:59:31

The global economy will gradually recover as the pandemic gradually ends. In the past year, global e-commerce transaction volume has nearly doubled year-on-year. It is undeniable that the consumer market is silently shifting from offline to online, which indicates the formation of a new consumption habit. However, the real online market leader has yet to appear - relying on its technical advantages and strong financial background, MagniPay has successively introduced a full consumption rebate policy, MP value-added system, and ‘Billion-Dollar Subsidy Program'; it shows that MagniPay is fully prepared for future market competition and is determined to deploy in the global market.


Since the official launch of MagniPay’s ‘Billion-Dollar Subsidy Program’ globally, it has been strongly sought after by a large number of users worldwide, which has further promoted MagniPay’s big data strategy. Currently, MagniPay has opened up its ‘Billion-Dollar Subsidy Program' to users in dozens of countries around the world. The first subsidy amount for each country is US$100 million, which is also the largest and most extensive e-commerce subsidy in the world! In the future, users only need to follow the relevant instructions to make online purchases at the MagniPay Mall that includes everything at the most favorable price; there are all kinds of goods from all over the world, waiting for you to purchase!


MagniPay founder and group chairman, Mr. Wesley pointed out that the Subsidy Program will accelerate MagniPay's big data strategy and capital deployment strategy more quickly, to achieve the company's plan to go public on NASDAQ in the next three years; according to conservative estimates, the number of global users of the company will reach more than 1 billion in the next three years, and the market value after listing will exceed US$100 billion and rank among the Forbes 100 companies. Therefore, to repay the trust and support of users and merchants in MagniPay in the past few years, the company introduced the ‘Billion-Dollar Subsidy Program’, which can not only further obtain global market share but also increase traffic and transaction volume; it has a very significant effect in enhancing the brand influence.


While receiving subsidies for consumption at MagniPay Mall, users can also enjoy consumption rebates and MP value-added effortlessly. It truly allows each user to 'spend more money and get richer', and it also allows each of us to save money and make money at the same time in the post-pandemic era!

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