Investment Insurance: a Safeguard for Investment
  • 1

    Users' investment in any institution or platform is entitled to full risk protection at MagniPay.

  • 2

    If the user's investment is successful, then such a guarantee can bring additional benefits; it'd be a double blessing. 

  • 3

    There's no need to worry if the user’s investment fails, as MagniPay will bear the full amount. This will help users reduce negative emotions and reflect MagniPay’s humanized service.

  • 4

    MagniPay is unique and the only platform that can provide investment insurance service in the entire industry.

  • 5

    MagniPay increases customer stickiness for the investment industry.

  • 6

    MagniPay provides users with additional benefits.

  • 7

    Users only need to allocate 10% of the total investment to purchase  investment insurance for full protection.

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