A Cross-Border Value-Added Consumption Platform that based on Blockchain

MagniPay is a Blockchain cross-border value-added consumption platform, which was developed over 5 years by NewEye, a US electronics company. It utilizes the Blockchain's core technology mechanism and the tokenomic to transform the currently segmented consumption market and achieve diversified income streams.

Unify the Globally Segmented Consumption Market

The world is now undergoing unprecedented changes: 5G, AI, big data, Blockchain and IoT, etc., are affecting people's lives in all aspects with irresistible force. E-commerce platforms such as Amazon,, and Taobao have accelerated such trend, leading to an increasingly integrated global consumer market; consumption habit is gradually shifting from offline to online. However, due to differences in national conditions, regions, currencies, tariffs, payment methods, and logistics, etc., a globally unified market standard has yet to be achieved.

The emergence of MagniPay will solve the problem; it uses Blockchain technology for payment and settlement, and deliver goods and complete transactions through cross-border logistics; users' shopping experience is not limited to a specific local city or country; it allows users to get their desired goods from a foreign country at the fastest speed, with the highest quality, and with the most affordable price. Magnipay will establish the world's leading international value-added consumption platform.

Three Major Core Advantages
  • Consumption Rebate

    Users buy and sell goods through MagniPay, and get rebates from all consumption and sales; value can be generated from every transaction.

  • Investment Insurance

    Users' investment in any institution or platform is entitled to full risk protection at MagniPay. Regardless of whether the investment is successful or not, MagniPay will deliver the responsibility and care to every user.

  • Tokenomic

    MP token is the circulating token of the MagniPay platform. It can be obtained through user consumption, merchant sales, investment insurance, mining and etc. The value of MP increases by 1%-5% daily based on the increase in global sales volume. MP token is the payment currency for millions of users around the world and connects tens of millions of commodity transactions worldwide. Its future appreciation potential is huge and will far exceed the current issue price.

Profit Mechanism

MagniPay's value-added consumption system maximizes the benefits given back to users, thereby attracting a huge user base and generating a large transaction volume. The platform earns substantial profits by charging handling fees, selling advertising space, selling merchandise, and from the appreciation of MP value. These profits will be returned to users to maintain the healthy development of the platform. 

After the company is listed in the future, it will gain more profit and room for appreciation in the capital market.

Company Leader
Mr. John Wesley has more than ten years of experience in e-commerce, finance holding management, and financial consulting. In his early years, he served as the Europe Regional Marketing Director at the e-commerce giant, eBay, and achieved outstanding contributions to the company. He later co-founded the French e-commerce company, Vente-Privée with friends, and once again became popular in Europe with its unique and innovative operation model. He later switched to the financial industry and once provided services for top wealthy families and consortiums such as DuPont in the United States, as well as prestigious institutions such as the Swedish National Sovereign Wealth Fund. He has in-depth research and extensive practical experience in the application of supply chain finance, industrial chain finance, Internet finance, big data, Blockchain, and artificial intelligence in the financial field; he specializes in technical analysis of financial products and is good at seizing the trending opportunities that offer sustainable profit.

Group Chairman, MagniPay

Co-Founder, Vente-Privée

Honorary Director, Man Group (UK)

Co-Founder, European Blockchain Venture Capital Fund

Co-Founder, UAE Sailing Fund

Co-Founder, World Blockchain Autonomous Association

Honorary Member, European Blockchain Council

Executive Chairman, World Blockchain Conference

Four Major Businesses to Generate Revenue Continuously

Apart from the core business of cross-border value-added consumption, MP tokens will be launched and circulated in the future, which can be used for transaction payment on other platforms. At the same time, the MagniPay platform will use its strong traffic to actively expand the four major businesses, namely merchandise sales, advertising space sales, investment insurance, and company listing. It allows more users to enjoy products with greater quality in the most affordable way; allows brands to display greater brand value through platform advertising; ensures every user's investment to be truly protected. The company's intrinsic value will continue to rise, thereby obtaining greater valuation and profit in the secondary market. These four major business ecosystems will generate continuous cash flow for the platform.

  • Merchandise Sales
  • Advertising Space Sales
  • Investment Insurance
  • Company Listing
MagniPay Business Ecosystem

Chain Reaction from High Traffic

Strategic Development Plan: Five Major Phases
Consumption Market with Huge Potential
USD15 trillion - the world's top three consumption markets
USD1.5 trillion - e-commerce accounted for 10%
USD1.5 billion - Blockchain e-commerce accounted for 1%
The total value of the world‘s top three consumption markets is close to USD15 trillion; even if Blockchain e-commerce accounts for only 1/10000 of the amount, it is still close to USD1.5 billion. Furthermore, these are only the top three markets. If all the global markets added up, MagniPay will account for a market worth at least tens of billions of dollars.
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