MagniPay is a Blockchain cross-border value-added consumption platform, which was developed over 5 years by NewEye, a US electronics company. It utilizes the Blockchain's core technology mechanism and the tokenomic to transform the currently segmented consumption market and achieve diversified income streams.

Three Main Cores
  • Consumption Rebate
  • Investment Insurance
  • Tokenomic
Corporate Video
Four Major Businesses to Generate Revenue Continuously
  • 1. Merchandise Sales

    allows more users to enjoy products with greater quality in the most affordable way

    2. Advertising Space Sales

    allows brands to display greater brand value through platform advertising

    3. Investment Insurance

    ensures every user's investment to be truly protected

    4. Company Listing

    the company's intrinsic value will continue to rise, thereby obtaining greater valuation and profit in the secondary market

Platform Mechanism
  • User Mining

    Generated token can be used for withdrawal, consumption and investment.

  • Profit Mechanism

    MagniPay's value-added consumption system maximizes the benefits given back to users

  • Reward System

    MagniPay is not only a cross-border consumption platform, but also your ideal entrepreneurial platform. It includes daily rebate reward, investment referral reward and consumption referral reward

  • Consumption Node Mechanism

    Users can purchase node mining machine or refer friends to enjoy the benefits of the platform.

APP Download

MagniPay client supports various systems. Click to select your download.